Fireweed Tea

Россия, Сергиев Посад, Центральная
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Hello, I'm one of guides in Sergiyev Posad and let me tell you one story. It was in 1987.
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. When she was treated to tea, she was impressed a little bit. So she asked "What is it?" One of the bishops said: "It's the Kelarsky Tea". This is the end of my story.
Can I ask you something? Would you like to try "Kelarsky Tea"? If you would, you will be impressed as mach as Prime Minister was. Actually it is a sort of The Black Tea, but made with some tricks. Don't worry, it safe and tasty.
Also I've got a lot of masterpieces of world cinema. Please come to watch and improve english together.

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Fireweedy Tea with candies.

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Tassimo Jacobs Americano with vanilla wafers.