Master class " sculpt dumplings"

Россия, Рязань, Tatarskaya
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Hello, Friends!

I propose to diversify the gray everyday life, and guests of the city to spend time with benefit and tasty.

Do you know the history of dumplings/dumplings/ravioli?
Ah, the difference between them?
And, do you know how to cook them?

I suggest you immerse yourself in the master class and cook yourself a very delicious dinner of quality products.
We begin at 17: 00 and by 19: 00, you will eat your own cooked dishes.

All are welcome to visit!

Меню №1:

1 serving. Dumplings with beef and pork.
2 servings. Ravioli with Turkey.
3 servings. Dumplings with cottage cheese.